01. You don't have to [shout], I can hear you quite easily!
02. We heard people in the water [shouting] for help when we approached the sinking ship.
03. Just give me a [shout] if you want to go out for a beer tonight.
04. My kids are driving me crazy. They never seem to listen to me unless I [shout] at them.
05. The children were laughing and [shouting] with excitement as they got off the rollercoaster.
06. You'll have to [shout] at your grandma; she doesn't have her hearing-aid in.
07. Did you hear a [shout] coming from the lake? I wonder if someone is out there.
08. Can you give the children a [shout]? It's time for dinner and they're in the backyard playing with the dog.
09. I had to [shout] over the noise of the traffic to my friend across the street.
10. People were [shouting] and pointing at the roof of the building where smoke could be seen coming out.
11. In Tibet they have a proverb which states that goodness speaks in a whisper, but evil [shouts].
12. Someone [shouted] fire during the movie, and two people were seriously injured when people panicked trying to get out of the building.
13. You'll have to [shout]; I can't hear you over the noise of the radio.
14. The music was so loud in the nightclub that we had to [shout] at each other to have a conversation.
15. In Bhutan, during archery competitions, cheerleaders are allowed to distract the opposing team by [shouting] rude comments.
16. Richard Nixon once noted that we cannot learn from one another until we stop [shouting] at one another - until we speak quietly enough so that our words can be heard as well as our voices.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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